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Youth Friendly Service - Part 2

Added on :  14-Dec-2015
Uploaded by :  erin

How U.S. Healthcare Services are organized and delivered to school children ages K-12.

This dynamic panel discussion on adolescent health and services, hosted by Patricia Stark, includes U.S. expert panelists: Angie Lucas, RN, BSN, Public Health School Nurse; Albert Sanz, MD, Pediatrician at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital; Karen Johnson, Advanced Practice Nurse for Pediatric Critical Care and Pediatric Units at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital; Dr. Joan C. Ficki, Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Community Health, Montclair State University; Brendan O’Reilly, NJ Department of Education, Coordinator of Comprehensive Health and Physical Education; and an expert panel of Armenian Pediatricians, Educators, Doctors and Medical Professionals at the National Institute of Child and Adolescent Health located in Yerevan, Armenia.