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Delivering live content from one to many locations simultaneously, virtually anywhere in the world.


Meet Our Partner LTN Global Communications 

LTN’s next generation SmartCloud technology is transforming professional broadcast video delivery, empowering our customers to become more productive, innovative and cost efficient without any compromise on video quality, reliability or performance.

LTN’s SmartCloud is the only global network that manages and controls the Internet to deliver professional quality live broadcast with the highest reliability. To achieve this, LTN has built an intelligent global network of “super-nodes” that are connected together via multiple, redundant Tier 1 multi-gigabit IP backbone links. LTN SmartCloud technology allows us to seamlessly route your traffic securely and dynamically on the least congested paths and can recover lost packets instantaneously. Furthermore, it provides you with the ability to transmit video feeds simultaneously to a large number of destinations, while guaranteeing high reliability and quality.

LTN’s SmartCloud network is accessible from anywhere in the world via a standard Internet connection, making your market reach potential global.

See the difference that LTN's SmartCloud Service Makes:

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Performance and Dependability

LTN’s SmartCloud technology provides superior, dependable performance for professional real time broadcasting.

  • Access to SmartCloud via a broadband Internet connection
  • SmartCloud accessible from any geography worldwide
  • Less than 200ms end-to-end latency
  • Over 99.999% reliability
  • Supports SD, HD or 3D
  • Built-in full redundancy and back-up
  • Add or drop channels in seconds
  • Add or drop sites in seconds
  • Protected and secure content
  • 24×7 monitoring of all flows


Customers include:

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