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Studio A

With a usable footprint of 2,400 sq ft, the MMC Panasonic HDTV Studios - Studio A is a true “floating” studio. Built on thousands of shock absorbers, under a 8” concrete slab, the studio floats independently from the remainder of the building creating a totally vibration free experience. In addition sound abatement has been professionally engineered to near perfection.

The lighting grid sits at 14’ with grid mounted dimmer bars that can be placed to accommodate your lighting needs.


  • Three (3) Panasonic AK-HC931B HD Multiformat Studio Camera w/17x HD Fujinon Lens Connected via fiber
  • Three (3) Sachtler Vario Ped 2 Pedestals
  • One (1) Panasonic AK-HC1500G 2/3" 3CCD HD Convertible Camera with 18x Motor Drive HD Fujinon Lens mounted on a Panasonic PTZ head (pan tilt zoom) and mounted on to the lighting grid
  • Two (2) AutoScript 18” Teleprompters with 18” HD-SDI talent monitors


  • One (1) ETC SmartFade 2496, 96-Channel Console
  • Ten (10) ETC SmartBar 4 circuit dimmer bars with Stage Pin Connectors
  • Twenty (20) Altman 650L-HM 650 Watt Fresnel, Hanging model with cord wrap, filter frame
  • Four (4) ETC Source 4 36 degrees Ellipsoidal (#436) with C-clamp, and color frame
  • Four (4) 1000W Soft-Lite Jr Indirect Fill Light with 3' lead, color frame and safety cable
  • Four (4) ETC #S4PAR-EA Source Four PAR EA with Four Lens Set, and Colorframe
  • Ten (10) Arri Studio Cool 2 DMX, Hanging Model with Intensifiers
  • Six (6) L&E Runt 6595-1 1 Light 300-750W with color frame, safety screen, yoke
  • One (1) Powered Genie Lift
  • Green screen wall 13’ H  X  20’ W

Control Room

  • Panasonic AV-HS 450 1 11/2 ME switcher with 2 downstream keyers and 2 PIP
  • Miranda Alto 10 channel multi-view display, router configurable feeding 2 Panasonic 50” monitors for glass wall
  • Panasonic Camera Shading
  • Panasonic AW PR120 pan/tilt/zoom unit
  • Autoscript teleprompter system
  • Yamaha 01V96 16 channel audio board
  • Eight (8) Shure UR-1 UHF Lavaliere Microphones
  • 4 channels of IFB
  • COMPIX LCG 9000R HD Character Generator
  • 360 Systems Digicart playback
  • Telex intercom system
  • Radiocom wireless system with 2 beltpacks
  • 4 – Panasonic AJ-HD 1400 Compact DVCPRO HD
  • 1 – Panasonic AJ-HDP24 P2 recorder
  • Full complement of up – down – cross converters 

Studio B

Studio B is an insert studio with a usable footprint of 416 sq ft. The studio has a flexible configuration. 

Control Room B

  • Panasonic Multi-format Live Switcher AV-HS400A
  • Whirlwind Mix-5S Stereo Mixer
  • Telos 100 Telephone Interface system
  • Telos ONE Digital Telephone Hybrid
  • Clear-Com MS-400 Main Station   


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