Those eight words spoken in 2005 by a 10 year-old Girl Scout had a profound change on Medical Missions for Children. Those eight words caused Frank Brady to have an “a-ha moment” and realize that soliciting donations was not the only way to fund a charity. After all, the Girl Scouts sold over a million boxes of cookies in 2005 to fund their organization.

Frank realized that for Medical Missions for Children to be sustainable over the long-term he had to develop “cookies" for MMC to stabilize the roller-coaster cycle of donations.

His definition of a “cookie” is a “for profit venture” organized to provide a consistent stream of donations to a designated charity.

Medical Missions for Children’s “Cookies”:

c2r cookies

Concept 2 Reality

C2R is a creative design agency specializing in Graphic and Website Design.

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MMC Panasonic HDTV Studios

Built in 2007, this state-of-the-art studio provides a steady flow of rental income to the charity.
hhotel cookies

The Hamiltonian Events Center

The latest cookie scheduled to break ground during the first quarter of 2016 and open in 2017.

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Earning Our Way

We value donations but create sustainability the old fashioned way - we work for it.

One of our co-founders, Frank Brady frequently tells a story about two "drifters" approaching the proverbial farmhouse several days apart. The first knocks on the kitchen door and asks for food. The second knocks on the door and asks if there is any work he can do for food. Frank believes the second approach will be twice as successful as the first with the second having the benefit of creating a long term relationship. This is the founding principle of Medical Missions for Children.