By Frank Brady 


kidsAs technology evolves, the way we fulfill our core mission changes accordingly.  Over the last 15 years, we installed Polycom video conferencing equipment in underserved hospitals in 110 countries and that equipment was the only way for MMC to perform telemedicine consults.

Today, there are numerous ways to ask MMC for help. Through the spread of hand-held devices such as iPhone and iPads, the net result is that although our core mission has not changed, the way we go about it is changing.

Two additional objectives are also part of our vision for the future:

One is to demonstrate to the non-profit sector that there is an alternative to relying only on donations.  We are doing this by using the success of our TV Studio and the magnitude of our Hamiltonian Hotel & Event Center Project as examples.

The premise is simple, imagine two drifters approaching the proverbial farm house several days apart. The first knocks on the door and asks for food.  The second knocks on the same door but asks if there is any work he could do around the farm for a meal.

At MMC we believe the second approach will have a much higher success ratio and has the possibility of creating a long-term relationship.  We believe this is the direction the charitable world has to morph to.

Our second objective comes as a result of MMC winning the Purpose Prize.  We would like to use MMC as an example of what can be accomplished after retirement, in an encore career.  The objective is to motivate the Baby Boomer generation to consider giving back.

Purpose Prize Article