PegFrankPatrickFor Frank Brady, who spent his international business career traveling to third-world countries, and his wife Peg Brady, implementing the means to provide sustainable access to quality healthcare globally has become a lifelong commitment.

A few years into retirement, a growing concern for seriously ill children was difficult for Frank and Peg to ignore. But how could two individuals from their home in New Jersey really effect change for dying children half a world away? Each could bring years of corporate and professional experience to bear on a profoundly disturbing situation. So a kernel of an idea began to take shape - one that united their passion for helping children with their strong interest in information technology. Medical Missions for Children was born.

In 1999, a partnership with El Hospital del Niño’s in Panama City, Panama, Medical Missions for Children took flight. This first partnership was an important milestone. This was the moment when Frank and Peg's broad vision became reality. Catastrophically-ill children no longer waited endlessly for diagnostic critical medical care; now the United States' most experienced physicians were merely a teleconference away.

Frank and Peg have taken on a monumental task — caring for the world's sickest children. But their vision — to bring top-notch medical care directly to the children through the use of today's most efficient technology — is working. With the help of their staff, the couple has nurtured key financial, technological and medical relationships and, in sharing their vision, have created a global network of caring, dedicated volunteers affecting the lives of thousands of ill children.


bookIn 2010, Peg and Frank wrote their autobiography, “Something Special.”

The book is an entertaining and humorous account of a remarkable couple, who after retirement and with limited resources created a charitable organization at their kitchen table, that to date has helped over 80,000 catastrophically-ill children in 110 countries.

100% of the book proceeds support Medical Missions for Children. If you would like to purchase a copy of Something Special send us an email.

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