We are pleased to announce that Medical Missions for Children was named a Tech Museum Awards Healthcare Laureate at its annual Tech Museum Awards. As a Laureate, MMC was recognized as one of the top five global charities in the field of Healthcare.

The awards ceremony was held at the Tech Museum in San Jose, California. The ceremony, emceed by Former NFL great and Tech Museum of Innovation trustee, Steve Young, honored a total of 25 Laureates in five categories. Also being honored at the Awards was Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates.

Published by The Tech Awards - Technology Benefiting Humanity

Medical Missions for Children
Country: United States
Region of Impact: Global

Project Overview:
To improve the health of marginalized populations throughout the world, Medical Missions for Children (MMC) conceived of the Global Telemedicine & Teaching Network (GTTN). Their mission is to elevate the quality of care that is delivered to critically-ill children and adults in underserved parts of the world. Its goal is to enhance the medical capabilities of health providers in developing nations by providing access to trained medical specialists and to video-based educational materials that span a wide range of topics. The primary beneficiaries of MMC's relief activities are seriously ill children and woman of child bearing years, and doctors and allied healthcare professionals who are in the developing world.

Problem Addressed:
Disparity of care in the U.S. and abroad is an unfortunate reality. Many doctors and allied healthcare workers lack the level of knowledge needed to effectively diagnose and treat most infectious diseases, illnesses and injuries. Consequently, many children, and adults suffer the consquences of poor medical care.

Technology Solution:
There are four main components of MMC's GTTN. First, the Telemedicine Outreach Program (TOP) links critically ill children and doctors in underserved communities with specialists located at any of MMC's 27 tier-one mentoring hospitals. Second, the Medical Broadcasting Channel (MBC) broadcasts valuable medical video content to a satellite footprint capable of covering the entire globe on Intelsat satellites and via multicast on Internet2 and affiliated high-speed research and education networks. Third, the Global Video Library of Medicine (GVLM) generates a searchable database designed to store more than 25,000 hours of medical video content used to feed MBC broadcasts. Fouth, the Giggles Children's Theater, an 80-seat theater located at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey, USA, puts on plays twice a week. These shows focus on entertaining and educating the children of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. MCC's services help to bolster and restructure the healthcare systems in the underserved and impoverished communities in which it serves.