Medical Missions for Children, a Paterson based nonprofit organization has announced the further growth of its mission to transfer medical knowledge from those who have it to those who need it with the launch of the MMC International Healthcare Leadership Training Online Course. 

The goal of the project is to aid in the healing of the indigent sick, by bringing essential leadership knowledge to the front lines of healthcare delivery in developing countries.

HLT cover2This project represents a multifaceted collaborative effort between MMC, longtime philanthropic partner The Hilda & Preston Davis Foundation, Polycom Inc., Ken Hekman of The Hekman Group, Quinton Friesen LFACHE, online technology platform developers, web-based and graphic designers, the MMC-Panasonic HDTV Studios production staff, translators and Dr. Evelyn Eisenstein, Professor of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who provided the initial testing ground for the pilot.

With curriculum based on Ken Hekman's book "Four Essential Disciplines: A Training Guide for Healthcare Leaders Worldwide" and the experience of Quinton Friesen former EVP and COO of Greenwich Hospital CT, the content has been developed into 15 video sections covering Leadership, Management, Sustainability and Service. The videos were recorded and loaded onto Polycom's RealPresence Media Manager. The online training course also includes corresponding slide decks and a test for each section. After passing the entire course, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion in Healthcare Leadership.

More than a year ago, MMC began collaborating with developers to begin building the online technology platform, working with graphic designers on the slide decks and with the editor on the videos. Dr. Eisenstein's involvement early on in the process was invaluable because she provided an 'in country' perspective on topics such as Portuguese language and colloquialisms. The original project was planned to be entirely in English with Portuguese closed captioning, presumably because in many parts of the word "English is the language of medicine". However Dr. Eisenstein made the case that the healthcare workers our project is trying to reach in Brazil will not likely speak English. Also, a more fully translated course can be disseminated widely through the ePORTUGUÊSe website at the World Health Organization, as well as the State University of Rio de Janeiro's online training site. So the entire course was translated into Portuguese.

A second phase of the project began in 2015 with the original course in English and Portuguese, also being translated into French and Spanish. MMC then created DVD series in each of the 4 languages including work books and evaluation questions which will be initially distributed in Ghana, Africa during the SIM Conference buy kamagra .

For more information about MMC's Healthcare Leadership Training Course email or call (973) 754-4960.

This training course includes a companion workbook and self-evaluation which can be downloaded here:

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