On June 6th, through the collaborative efforts of Medical Mission for Children (MMC) and Ukrainian Gift of Life (UGoL), UGoL President, George Kuzma, along Ted Kurman, UGoL Program Coordinator and Joel Lansden, MMC Technical Support Director, traveled to Ukraine to install Polycom HDX7000 telepresence units at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital, Odessa Regional Medical Center and Gusack Institute of Urgent & Reconstructive Surgery in Donetsk.

This activity represents the launch of a high-definition telemedicine project that will allow UGoL-selected Ukranian medical centers to become active participants of the MMC Global Telemedicine and Teaching Network (GTTN).  This information technology will foster collaborations among multiple specialists in several locations via telecommunication, and also serve as the foundation for both organizational learning and knowledge sharing.  The implementation of this program is expected to increase the quality of services in each of these facilities which are distant from the central healthcare facility in Kyiv.  It will provide opportunities for the education of staff and enhancement in clinical care.