An Interview with Dr. Evelyn Eisenstein, SIG coordinator of Health for Children and Adolescents

An example of the effectiveness of the MMC Telemedicine Program can be readily seen through a recent tribute to Dr. Evelyn Eisenstein, our partner from the University Hospital in Brazil. Eight years ago MMC donated two telemedicine units to this Hospital so they could have consultations with the larger hospitals in the United States.

In eight short years 44 other Brazillian Institutions have adopted the telemedicine program and a network grew. They now consult within the country and internationally on a daily basis.

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MMC Expands Knowledge Transfer Mission to Include Healthcare Leadership Training

Medical Missions for Children, a Paterson based nonprofit organization has announced the further growth of its mission to transfer medical knowledge from those who have it to those who need it with the launch of the MMC International Healthcare Leadership Training Online Course. 

The goal of the project is to aid in the healing of the indigent sick, by bringing essential leadership knowledge to the front lines of healthcare delivery in developing countries.

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Eva’s Village youths entertain pediatric patients at Paterson Hospital

PATERSON – Onstage at Giggles Theater on Tuesday were nine kids, all living in transitional housing at Eva’s Village, performing dance routines and reading poetry for an audience of young hospital patients at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

Somehow, the two groups of youngsters, all grappling with tough circumstances, managed to give each other a joyful day. “They love to dance,” said Marcos J. Velasquez, the dance instructor for the youngsters from Eva’s Village, about his young performers.

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AMD Praises MMC for its Global Mission and Achievements

"Medical Missions for Children does truly worthy work and much of this work is done with the aid of telemedicine," said Steven Normandin, president of AMD Global Telemedicine. "MMC has created an effective and vital network that uses telemedicine to help critically ill children all over the world."

At the recent 13th Annual International meeting of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), AMD Telemedicine presented Medical Missions for Children (MMC), an organization committed to improving the health of children in underserved communities around the world, with the ATA President's Award.

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Giggles: Theater Group at St. Joseph’s Prescribes Laughter as Children’s Medicine

PATERSON, NJ - Hospitals are not fun places, especially not for a child. Aside from being sick or recovering, children can become lonely, bored or even depressed staying in a hospital. But imagine, having live entertainment?

At St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Giggles, a non-profit Paterson-based children’s theatre program, brings mimes, live choral groups, yoga programs and even Bingo games for the children on a regular basis.

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