Transferring medical knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it.

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The a-ha moment

Sir would you like to buy some cookies?

These eight words had a profound effect on MMC

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International Healthcare Leadership Training

Bringing essential leadership knowledge to the front lines of healthcare in developing countries.

Team Wow

Two Charities, One Mission

A partnership is formed to help children and their families

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Broadcasting around the world

LTN's SmartCloud Technology is empowering our studio customers


Additional Materials

Learn more about Medical Missions for Children...


A selection of brochures and forms.


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View our theater and studio galleries.

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The Studios

Our MMC Panasonic HDTV Studios use creativity to help children.

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FP telemed


A collaborative effort to solve the worlds toughest medical cases

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Team Wow

Innovative ways to enlighten afflicted children and their parents

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The healing power of laughter

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